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Le Code de Vie Du Primitif

4 Volumes by: Dr Basil Adjou-MOUMOUNI

"With its legends and strong words, the babalao welcomed the lives of people, analyzed it according to Ifá's guidelines and suggested exit routes."

Le Systeme Ifa

Book by: Gratien AHOUANMENOU

"In 2005, UNESCO inscribed the IFA system, the foundation of Yoruba spirituality, to the immaterial heritage of humanity. Transmitted by a secular oral literature, conveying an existential, preventive and salutary ethic, the word of IFA conceals a universal wisdom based on peace, harmony, discernment, and a whole chain of universal virtues. Desiring to understand the African foundations of its mixed culture, the author devoted years to heritage research, which he continues to deepen. Here he dispels some ideas received by those who cause difficulty showing openness of hope and a healthy curiosity."

The Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou

Book by: Donald Cosentino

"This abundantly illustrated anthology brings together 16 essays by scholars, artists, and ritual experts who examine the sacred arts of Haitian Vodou from multiple perspectives. Among the many topics covered are the 10 major Vodou divinities, the paintings of Hector Hyppolite, the multimedia pieces of Pierrot Barra, sequined bottles and sequined flags, and the work of the Brooklyn Priestess Mama Lola."

Voodoo: Mounted by the Gods

Documentary by: Alberto Venzago and Wim Wenders

"A glimpse into the world of Voodoo, this companion to a documentary by Wim Wenders presents photographs and film stills by celebrated photojournalist, Alberto Venzago. In 1988, Albert Venzago set out to cross Africa on a Vespa. After miles in the blistering heat, it broke down in a remote village in Benin. There he encountered Mahounon, one of the most influential voodoo priests of West Africa. Abandoning his planned trip, Venzago set out instead on an odyssey through the world of African voodoo, to which he and his camera gained extraordinary access. Venzago followed Mahounon with his camera for nearly ten years, filming secret Voodoo ceremonies and sacrificial rituals. He witnessed Mahounon's extraordinary search for a successor to lead the cult, and he watched as the anointed eleven-year old boy, Gounon, was schooled in black and white magic, rituals, and the intricate workings of the Fa, or Voodoo oracle. Venzago's camera evokes the religious ecstasy of these ceremonies as well as their otherworldly atmosphere. His photographs illuminate this mysterious and potent Voodoo culture and religion."